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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recently posted on TCU. . . .

Actions speak louder than words folks. Fact is, Democrates beleive the US people are just plain stupid. The proof is that they were  elected into public office! Proving to them just how dumb we are! Even after lying, stealing and getting caught over and over again the people buy into the "SPIN" and elect them into positions of power!
Clearly the American people are stupid!  The masses want to believe the bundles of fairy tales they spew. It's better to live in a constant state of hope than to face the truth, that we all have to work for what we get.
 It is no wonder that Washington could not care less what the people want! We have proven to them that we are just too dumb to make the right chioce when there are only 2 people to pick from!!! Would you respect and listen to a person that you could lie to and get away with it every day of every week for decades!!
 It's long past time to be worried that some ones feelings might get hurt! Each and every WORKING American will have less money to bring home. All of us will have less of what we earned THANKS to the majority of our elected leaders. I suggest that we all express our thanks to every Democrat we know and thank them personaly for the cut in our pay checks! Make it clear that it was because of their vote you now have less to bring home to continue your personal pursuit of happiness!  
 The Democrates have just voted to take even more out of our pay during the largest depression since the 30s. And they are all partying it up as only the Democrates can. The jokes on us! All the Dumb Americans that voted them into office!

My response. . . . 

George R. is right. If any of you on this board think that booting these thugs out of office and replacing them with Republicans will fix things, I want some of what ever you are smoking, man.

Cause that is some good s- - - !

If this were just about politics this would drag on for years and years until our Constitution had been completely watered down and made superfluous. These people are power mad. Not hungry, because they are feasting at the table of excess. It is madness.

It is not solely about politics though. The real damage has already been done many years hence and like many avalanches, you can't see them till they build up a little steam. We are in the eye of the hurricane and we are just about to pass through the backside or downside if you please.

You can have all the cheering and gushing about China's wonderfully bullish economy propping up the world but it is a house of cards over there. They are so weak, an internet giant recently flexed it's raw muscle and they blinked. It brought them out crying foul. Quick call China a Waaambulance.

Everyone is cheering the dollar, but it is poised atop a pinnacle of deceit held in place by the banksters and hucksters in Obummers cabinet so when it's time to plummet arrives, well orchestrated I am sure, we will all be teary eyed. If you don't have eyes to see, Housing is not done dropping like a stone. More misery to come and it will be decades of sadness for recovery on that front. Commercial real estate has only just become a blip on most peoples radar screens but it has been the Jaws of real estate for some time. When these properties default, who do you think owns them? Millions and millions of them? Come on, you can pry open those weary eyes and see the truth. The banksters. They set up the largest fraud in the histroy of the world and perpetrated it on YOU.

The banksters knew what was ahead, (Um, they kinda do this for a living) that their lying and cheating (overvaluing commercial property, makes what they did with residential look like little white lies.) would eventually come home to roost. Well, folks that time has come. I did not even mention the fraudulent unemployment figures. That aside, those jobs lost will stay lost for a good long time. More and more as the year unfolds. It will be years before or if any ground is made back. These folks will not be contributing to the economy. They will however vote for who ever tells them the best story. You all get my point there. They've already had all the austerity they can stomach. They will follow the chicken in every pot guy every time.

I don't mean to put a negative spin on Obysmals recovery plans here but will one of you out there please tell me how you can do everything wrong with the economy and destroy the Constitution, arguably the foundation on which this great republic is built, and have this all turn out rosy in November because we elected a whole new crop of lying cheating dirt-balls to congress?

Anyone. . . anyone got a clue on that issue? 16000 new IRS (Military style urban warfare training) employees. Does that sound right to anyone here? How is this going to be OK because we voted. The only vote that I can back right now is a complete dissolution of government, halt all programs, stop all foreign aid, and start the frick over.

Decentralized government is best for us all and damn little of that. Come on now. How many of you really believe anything will be different by more than a little window dressing if we flip congress to the Right side.

For Jimminy Crickets sake folks, look who you all are following. McCain- give me a break will ya. Just give a listen to his family for 10 seconds and then listen to him and Russ Feingold etc. Why not just vote for Mickey Mouse or Under Dog for goodness sakes. Mit Romney- come on. Politician-period. The only one I could even remotely consider is Ron Paul and he is relegated to fanatical status by most of the scardy cats out there.

The Politicians and lawyers have won. We are in the last days of the Republic and I suggest you pie in the skyers hold onto your hats cause the ride is going to get a little bumpy.

If anyone has a way out that does not involve electing more liars and cheaters, please put it on the table now.

Write, Speak, Do!

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