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Monday, March 15, 2010

I Recently posted this on the La Crosse Tribune's web site. . . . . .

If you live in Wisconsin or
will be visiting Wisconsin, 
this is some worthy information.

This relates to the misinformation concerning carry in Wisconsin.   #1  Open Carry is the only legal way to carry in Wisconsin for most of us.  #2  At one time law enforcement was a problem.   This is no longer true. 

This guy doesn't want you to read this.    
He wants the UN to force the US Government to take all your guns.  

Harassment and coercion were rampant.  This has come to a grinding screeching halt.   The AG has issued a statement agreeing that we have the right to carry and may not be harassed for doing so.   The Governor has agreed.  A lawsuit has been won in Racine WI and the finding was for the plaintiff against the city and officers involved in harassment.  

This finding for a citizen, along with demonstrations and other very embarrassing incidents for WI police have had a chilling effect on any further harassment. 

If you live in a state other than Wisconsin,  you may carry openly here.  No concealed carry.  You may open carry any hand gun you choose as long as it is in a holster.  Hip, thigh or waist. 

There are only five places you may not carry.  The 5 places you cannot carry are:

-No carrying of a firearm within 1000 ft of a school zone (unless on private property)
-No carrying of a handgun in a place that serves alcohol for consumption unless you have the express permission of the owner or manager.
-No carrying of a firearm in a state park or fish hatchery.
-No carrying a firearm in a federal building.
-Firearms in vehicles must be unloaded and encased, Magazine and ammo may be in the same case and the case should be in the farthest out of reach place in the vehicle.  i.e. trunk, rear hatch etc. 

I have personally open carried for some time.  Have not been harassed.  I have past law enforcement officers in businesses,  on the street and have had conversations with same for several minutes and my carry sidearm never came up in conversation. 

Most businesses have opted to welcome Open Carriers,  those who do not and post a sign saying as much, do not, I repeat,  DO NOT get my business.  My dollars are spent where I am welcome.  

I have had my hand shook by a little elderly lady,  a soldier (who knew I understood why he served in the military in defense of our constitution and country.)He was also an open carrier.  He remarked that he wished he could carry what he had "over there".  

There are thousands of Open Carriers in Wisconsin.   I belong to a group 25,000 at least.  We are not going away and our ranks continue to grow.

Please keep in mind that bad guys hide their guns and carry them regardless of the law.  Laws only restrict the law abiding.  

You know what affects the lawless?  Prosecution and incarceration.  Ask your AG to try that sometime.

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