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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do what you must, I know I will. . .

Default A Call to Muster!

Please pass this on, it's in urgent call to ALL PATRIOTS, it's time to defend our borders...!!!!



From: Minuteman Civil Defense Corps <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 12:22 AM

Message fromMinuteman Civil Defense Corps 
President Carmen Mercer
Freedom is never Free!


Obama cuts border security funding and freezes hiring of new Border Patrol.
The Minutemen are returning to the border - LOCKED AND LOADED to say YOU ARE WRONG OBAMA- AMERICA COMES FIRST!

Secretary of Homeland Defense Janet Napolitano thinks border security is a waste of time and a politically sensitive issue.

The Minutemen are returning to the border - LOCKED AND LOADED because we think Napolitano is an unqualified buffoon who risks the lives of American
citizens every day she is the head of DHS.

John McCain told Chris Simcox in 2004 that he thought American citizens watching the border would pose a greater risk than the drug cartels.

The Minutemen are returning to the border - LOCKED AND LOADED and ready to stop each and every person they encounter because John McCain is responsible for
every death of an American citizen at the hands of illegal alien
criminals and the drug cartels.

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Arizona is calling on all volunteers as we return to the southern border with Mexico, en mass, beginning Friday afternoon
March 26 and lasting until our Congress deploys the U.S military to our
borders to defend the United States of America.

On the 8th anniversary of Chris Simcox' historic Tea Party protest on the border which began in Cochise County, Arizona, this muster will be a defining
moment for our nation.

President Obama in legion with John McCain, Lindsey Graham and most of the rest of our impotent and incompetent federal government have continued to exhibit as
much contempt for our Constitution, rule of law and ordered society as
the illegal aliens, drug dealers and Human smugglers who violate our
sacred borders 24/7/365.

Chris Simcox said it first in 2002, enough is enough!
For 8 long years we Minutemen played nice; yet for the past 8-years we firmly expressed our opinions and desires for the border to be secured- but this muster
will be completely different -President Obama and John McCain have left
us no choice -this March we return to the border locked, loaded and
ready to stop each and every individual we encounter along the frontier
that is now more dangerous than the frontier of Afghanistan.

This operation will not be for the faint of heart.
MCDC volunteers will work under an entirely different SOP; we will approach our duty as citizens as we should - we have a zero tolerance for any and all
violations of our border and we will forcefully engage, detain, and
defend our lives and country from the criminals who trample over our
culture and laws.

Long arms will be allowed and frankly, encouraged. From the surveillance videos we have gathered in the field over the past six months it is more than evident
the violators of our borders seem to have been given carte blanc
permission to willfully violate our public safety. This time we will not
be tempered by political correctness; every single individual we
encounter WILL BE apprehended by Border Patrol with our help - even
those who dare enter our country armed will be stopped and challenged.
Political correctness is a fad of the past. This is for the survival of
this great Republic!

Basic SOP changes will be as follows.
You are strongly recommended to bring a long arm - you will be permitted to carry long arms at all times on post as per Arizona State law. Thousands of
individuals violate our borders 24/7 with the consent of President
Barack Hussein Obama, Janet Napolitano and John McCain - you are
strongly encouraged to exercise your rights and duty as an American
citizen to carry a long arm and if challenged use it to defend the
United States of America - something Obama, Napolitano and McCain refuse
to do.

Other specifics to the SOP will be emailed to card -carrying MCDC volunteers who respond to our call to arms.

MCDC volunteers please contact

We will be completely self reliant during this mission. Please prepare for a marathon and bring as much equipmet and supplies as you can carry - you will need it.
We will support volunteers with equipment and help with food and water.
We also have a generous supply of hats and shirts that are available for fund raising to support this
massive operation.

Please help us send a strong message to the cowards in charge of our nation's security.
We are ready to defend our nation - are

In Liberty

Carmen Mercer
President of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.

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