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Sunday, March 28, 2010

CNN. . . Either they are liars or total incompetents. . . . . Or both. . . . .Search Light Rally accurately reported by CNN. Dozens of patriots. Yup, dats good reportin'!

Sarah Palin Search Light Rally.    CNN says dozens attended.  Well technically they are right or should I say correct.   More accurately tens of dozens or perhaps multiples of hundreds.   Pics are worth a dozen words. . .

Looks like dozens to me.

This photo was taken at 1:35 p.m. More than an hour and a half after the rally started people were lining the highway trying to get in.

Yup. . .  dozens.

Hey,  there's at least a dozen campers and RVs here.

At least a dozen automobiles here. . . 

At least a dozen here.  

Yup,  CNN really has it Right or is that Left.  

CNN once again makes the case for putting math skills on the employment application.

Should you be watching CNN?  I think not, unless you are a sheep or left your brain under the bed.   Keep up the good work CNN.   Maybe they'll create a new even lower category for you at the Nielsen Company.  Put some Orwellian spin on just how bad you are.   Maybe they could have ratings just for second class news channels.

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