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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another kick in the teeth from our Libtard Gov. in Wisconsin. . . . .

WI Governor to AG: Permission denied


Like many other state Attorneys General, Wisconsin AG J.B. Van Hollen wanted to file suit to prevent the federal encroachment of the ObamaCare individual mandate.  Unlike other states, the AG in Wisconsin needs permission from the Governor or the state legislature to proceed in such an action.  In an exclusive interview this week, Van Hollen told me that Governor Jim Doyle had always approved such actions regarding the protection of state and individual sovereignty — and that in one case, Doyle requested action from Van Hollen before the AG had a chance to request it.
March 25, 2010
Dear Attorney General Van Hollen:
I have received your request for permission to file an action to contest national health insurance reform. I am denying that request.
This law is an act of Congress, signed by the President of the United States. The lawsuit you suggest is a frivolous and political attempt to thwart the actions of Congress and the law of the country.
National health insurance reform will extend coverage to more than 172,000 Wisconsin residents and will benefit families and small businesses throughout the state.
This year, small business owners will receive tax credits to buy health insurance. Insurance companies will no longer be able to deny coverage to American children because of a pre-existing condition; nor will they be able to drop someone’s coverage when they get sick and need it the most.
This law enhances the actions taken by my Administration to make Wisconsin America’s health care leader.
The State of Wisconsin will not enter into litigation intended to deny health care for tens of thousands of residents.
Jim Doyle

Doyle repeats the absurdity that the opposition to ObamaCare, and especially its mandates, are “intended to deny health care” for anyone. It has nothing to do with health care but who pays for insurance coverage. Anyone with the means to purchase health care can get it — and those without means can also get it, although certainly not in the most efficient manner.

Furthermore, Wisconsin always had the authority to expand its own state-based Medicaid system to include the 172,000 Wisconsin residents that Doyle uses as human shields in this missive. Why didn’t Doyle and the state legislature act to do so? They wouldn’t get subsidies from the rest of the United States if they expanded their systems on their own, that’s why. Instead of Wisconsin residents paying for Wisconsin’s system, now everyone has to subsidize it. And if Doyle and the Democrats running the state legislature had attempted to expand the system, necessarily passing the massive taxes to fund it at the same time, the Democrats would have found themselves out of power in one or two election cycles.

This is a pusillanimous attempt by Doyle to pass the Wisconsin buck to the taxpayers of the rest of the country, and to stop Van Hollen from making it obvious. Fortunately, Doyle is retiring this year, and Wisconsin voters have an opportunity to replace him with someone a little more interested in keeping Congress from usurping powers of the states and property rights of individuals. The next Governor may be a lot more inclined to grant Van Hollen authorization to proceed in court against this Congressional overreach. Van Hollen can also get the legislature to approve his request, but considering that both chambers are run by Democrats, that will probably also take an election to resolve.

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