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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If you're waiting to buy a house, maybe you should wait a little longer.

False Hope in the Real Estate Comeback

 12/30/09 London, England – The Los Angeles Times tells us that mortgage defaults in the prime category rose in the 3rd quarter. If you are wondering what might happen to housing prices in the US…should the depression continue…you might want to keep an eye on the default rate.

 Housing prices are down about 30% nationwide. In some areas, they are down much more.

In the early stages of a depression, people may believe that “prices will come back.” They wait. They hope. Sometimes, prices do come back. Sometimes they don’t. But if the depression continues, people will give up hope and lose confidence. They will begin to put unwanted properties up for sale – even at much lower prices. And they will begin to default even when they can still make mortgage payments.

 There were only 2 million houses in the subprime mortgage sector. There soon may be as many as 30 million houses that are ‘underwater.’ When those homes stop expecting prices to recover, they will want to get rid of these waterlogged properties. And they can do so easily. They just send the keys to the mortgage company and walk away.

 Hold onto your hats.   This ride is going to get bumpy!!! 

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