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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I been sayin' it. . . .

From the Business Insider:

Now Europe's Freaking Out About The Weakening Dollar

What you're seeing now is a sharp reversal from the tone from just a few weeks ago, when central bankers were stoking rumors about a new reserve currency to replace the dollar. The European Central Bank is considering taking steps to ensure that the dollar doesn't drop any further against the Pound and the Euro:

DailyFinance: "We have to save the soldier dollar," blares the headline in a recent economy column in France's leading daily Le Monde. Columnist Pierre-Antoine Delhommais goes on to explain that if the dollar crashes, "exports would collapse, growth would sink and the unemployment rate would explode." In fact, the euro's nearly 19 percent climb since March already seems to be wreaking havoc with the exports from the Eurozone's 16 member countries. The European statistics office just announced that exports from the region fell 5.8 percent in August compared with July.

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From CNBC:

Dollar Dumping Will Remain the Hot Trade

The dollar slumped to a new 14-month low Wednesday, and it could continue floundering well into next year.

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From The Business Insider:

Niall Ferguson: The Dollar Is Finished And The Chinese Are Dumping It

Economic historian Niall Ferguson warns that China's love affair with the dollar is fading faster than anyone realizes.

TechTicker: "The idea they don't have anywhere else to go or would shoot themselves in the foot if there were a steep decline in the dollar or appreciation of their currency reassures many people in Washington ‘we can relax'," he says. "An appreciation of the renminbi may reduce value of their international reserves but increases the value of every other asset the Chinese own," most notably the commodity assets they have been buying all over the world.

China's "current strategy is to diversify out of dollars and into commodities," Ferguson says. Furthermore, China's recent pact with Brazil to conduct trade in their local currencies is a "sign of the times."

Perhaps most importantly, China's massive stimulus program is helping to generate internal consumption in the People's Republic, meaning local manufacturers are less dependent on exports. Because of the "rapid growth" of Chinese domestic consumption, Ferguson predicts China's international trade surplus could be gone by next year.

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