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Monday, August 24, 2009


So now the co-opted media, Obysmals lap dogs, have the audacity, the gall to refer to me as “White” in an inference that I am somehow separate or different from black or Asian or Native American or Hispanic Americans who also disagree with this bill, in a THINLY veiled attempt to call me RACIST. We are all Americans and we all hate Obamacare and the rest of the Socialist/Marxist/fascist agenda being forced down our throats.

This pisses me off. Just because I don't agree with the narcissist in chief; at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, does not make me a racist. I have never referred to Obysmal as black or mulatto or colored or . . . . well we all know where this ends up and it is impolite. To say the least. And besides, I thought he was white, nice tan.

I don't agree with anything he has proposed or enacted against the Constitution of the United States of America. I just flat out don't agree with him or his appointees from Goldman Sachs (World Bank) or any of the terrorist networks he pulled aids and appointees from. Rashid Khalidi, William Ayers etc. I say etc. because if you know these guys, then who else do you know because you know these guys. I won't even get into his underworld (dark political and other) connections.

When the media enters into collusion with Obysmal concerning race in politics, this is a lot like the pot calling the kettle black.

Clamoring to call red blooded Americans of all races, colors and creeds. . . . racist, I have to wonder if it isn't the media; in fact, that is racist. I reckon this is brought on by . . . . oh, say. . . a general revolt of the populace against an incredibly BAD, BAD, BAD, health-care bill. The media went along with the whole shebang, hook, line and sinker and in a sad attempt to marginalize you and me, the American Public, they; in fact, have marginalized themselves.

The media has become a non-entity as more and more Americans have realized the media are in cahoots with the Obysmal and now relie on bloggers and online news for the real scoop. Here is a prime example; A headline of today's boldly reads, "White Anger Fueling Health Care Debate".

Of course, who can blame them with Nancy Peloser calling You and me, Americans, Un-American because we have the Audacity to what??? Exercise our First Amendment rights of course.

They are scared, canceling town hall meetings, running and hiding. They wish we would all disappear. Well we are here and here to stay but I can not say the same for them. These law makers have elections coming up and that is what they are most afraid of.

Personally, I don't believe an election will make one bit of difference in a system that has been festering for a few hundred years. They are entrenched in the legislative, judicial, and administrative branches of government in the USA. How can we trust any of them. Or for that matter the next bunch of thieves.

You want to change things, then change things. Make a difference. Too much power, too much money, to many benefits at the tax payer's expense. It is time to step back and re-evaluate the value of the system we have and look at what it has really done too and not for us.

This is a system out of control. So far beyond that people can't even get a grasp. Anyone who still stands with Obysmal does so because they have their hand in the cookie jar. No other reason. They stand to benefit greatly or they would no sooner be a part of this then I would. Actually, there are some people who can not even wrap their heads around numbers like trillions. Those are numbers we use to use to mean a whole bunch, like gazillion or some such.

Well, no more. These are real numbers and we are really so far in debt we will never be able to dig out. So far the number tallies to about 520,000 per American household. Is this our debt now? Do you agree to pay your $520,000 dollars. . . . in a timely manner? How about it?

So. . . How's that hopey, changey thing workin' out for you now