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Sunday, August 30, 2009

In Memory of Teddy. . . .

I am dumbfounded at the fawning over the Kennedys in recent days and in particular, the absoute fantasy most journalist without a set of balls have lauded on the passing of Teddy. What ever happened to the truth, for Christ's sake.

So I feel I must, in keeping with the mood, set down my own memorial.

Mary Jo

Alice Krige Ghost Story. Interesting tale.

Mary Jo

Mary Jo

Mary Jo Kopechne. By all accounts a young, innocent woman. At the beginning of her life, a life taken with callous disregard.

Teddy, A great drinker, A great swimmer, A great story teller.

Not so good a human being. Actually, the very worst in almost every respect. Makes me very unsettled about the people of Massachusetts. What in the flying f_____g hell is wrong with them.

So, at the wake, Millions of people watching, I don't know, some just can't avoid it like watching the aftermath of a train wreck and others worshiping his very person. Hmmmmm? Anyway, one of these imbeciles, actually allows that Teddy loved a good joke concerning Chappaquiddick and by association or outright comment, the death of Mary Jo. .

Now were talkin'. Late that night, a 1969 olds was involved in a single vehicle auto accident where a stupidly drunken Teddy in the drivers seat, was ferrying to her hotel room, a young, single, female Kennedy staffer named Mary Jo Kopechne.

The trail led from a party to her hotel room, or so Teddy said. He, in a drunken stupor, veered his car off the bridge leading to the beach (Hmmmmm? No hotel rooms on the beach) on Chappaquiddick Island. In fact the hotel was back the other way.

As the submerged car was filling with water, Teddy somehow swam out and left leaving Mary Jo trapped. Teddy stumbled back to the party, did not stop to call for help at any of the lighted houses alone that way, lawyered up and returned to the scene of the accident (Mary Jo may have actually been alive, we do not know.) discussed with said lawyer what to do, and then left the scene of an accident with his lawyer, all without calling the authorities.

The coroner later determined that Mary Jo died of asphyxiation, not drowning, because there was no water in her lungs. I'm no brain scientist here but that; to me, means that she found an air pocket in the car, and had lived for several hours after the accident. Yeah think on that one why don't cha!

Teddy then stumbled down to the Chappaquiddick Ferry, did not call the coppers, swam across the way to Edgartown, where the hotel room he supposedly was taking Mary Jo was located, showered and hit the sack. No calls to police till after 7:00 a.m. By then, the car had already been found and the coppers were on scene.

So the girl dies as a direct result of his callous and self serving behavior. Does anyone see any humor in this? I personally do not see the humor in it and yet according to his buddies Teddy always got a big guffaw out of Chappaquiddick and Mary Jo Jokes. Hmmmmm?

So, with these circumstances a matter of record, and his buddies assertions that he loved a good joke about a woman he killed, my personal opinion is that Teddy's character was as soiled and despicable as they come and not in any way deserving of praise or or even mourning. The people of Massachusetts accepted a corrupt government and police force as well as any district attorney and allowed a murderer to serve in a place of honor.

Mary Jo had no such luxury. So I have to wonder just what in the hell are these so called journalists thinking when they spew this garbage or actually put it in print in the face of all of this evidence of debauchery and illicit, underhanded dealings. I'm talking about the main stream and not so main stream media and for God's sake, FOX news. Come on!!!!

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