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Saturday, April 17, 2010

I can not believe this ass even gets air time.

Bill Clinton Warns Tea Party Anger Could Incite Right-Wing Extremism

Actually,  Bill (has anybody got a dictionary handy)  Clinton has that affect all by himself.   He did more for pornography than deep throat ever did.    

On Friday, Clinton appeared to draw implicit parallels between Tea Partiers  -- who are accused by some critics(lamestream media) of espousing racist and radical views -- and the far-right militia veterans that carried out the 1995 attack on the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.  

This is sad.   This jerk has the right to speak,  just doesn't have the sense to keep his mouth shout.   'Cause as far as I have seen,  The tea party movememt is made up of grandpas and grandmas,  white, black, asian and the rest.   You don't see much camo at a Tea Party,  It's plaid shirts and suspenders.    For the most part,  it is disenfranchised, honest, tax paying citizens who are fed up with their thieving government and want to be heard.    Bill (I'm a shill for the government) Clinton should stick to things he knows, like french fries, cigars and blue dresses.  Stay away from heady issues that require an IQ higher than your shoe size.   

Lke this following paragraph,  is this a set up for a false flag?  

"This Tea Party movement can be a healthy thing if they're making us justify every penny of taxes we raised and every dollar of public money we spend," Clinton said. "But when you get mad, sometimes you wind up producing exactly the reverse result of what you say you are for."

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